The Journey to Accreditation

Investors in People signals an organisation that puts people first. As the leading champion of effective people management we are one step ahead, providing organisations with the practices they need to succeed. All contained within a simple structure for success. Sitting behind the Investors in People Standard is a detailed Framework that underpins the  assessment process. Based on 20 years of leading practice it provides a clear compass for high performance. You can:



Organisations accredited against the Investors in People Standard report increased efficiency, improved engagement, better customer service and effective working cultures. 60% of Investors in People accredited businesses predict business growth compared to the UK establishment average of 47% (UKCES Employer Perspectives Survey, 2012). Why? It’s a simple link between better practices, engaged employees and business outcomes. Download a simple toolkit for using best practice standards to understand more about how you could benefit.


Raising the Standard in 2015

In 2015, Investors in People will ‘Raise the Standard’ by releasing the sixth generation of the Investors in People Framework. From 1 August 2015 organsiations coming forward will be assessed against the new Framework (VI). You can read more about the current Framework (V) and updated Framework (VI) to find out more.




Next steps

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